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Monday, October 13, 2008

Get back to Malaysia.

I'll be back to Malaysia on 17th October....touch down 18th.
at last Mymefx revealed the power of swing trading - at Carigold. Mymefx owner/starter - start his own thread at CG. menari and revealed the strategy he use in FX. but still in demo ; beta testingsengihnampakgigi
We also will have bro WHA 928 strategy next for day trade. he is a true real profitable scalper i ever seen in Forum. anyway, good luck to you bro WHA.doaNow, everybody....there are many strategy or technique out there to get a money into your pocket (halal way of course) is up to us to work out from our laziness and try to improve our financial condition.
MM is the hardest thing to tackle huh??siul