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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FX talks #1

November coming to the ends.... be careful all trader, big Jaws in da house ....joking only....Normally, during this time, people in west prepare to go for long holiday, namely Christmas and New Year. So, they already start to pack their account for auditing..etc.....
so this will create uncertainty to the market......Fundamentally....better out of trade rather than got burnt in the ends...

Chart wise....we saw GU and GY made a rally of 400+ pips today to break the 1.5 psycho barrier and 145.00....whether this support can prolong or not...i dont know. We just follow where the market goes and try to catch the opportunity wherever it is....
sengihnampakgigiso cheers everybody.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Arsenal 2 - 1 Man U

celebratethe title said it enough. Very happy today lol tepuktangan
after defeated by Stoke and Hull in previous game, at last Arsenal bounce back...... 2-1. Try next time eh Man U.

* Power giler gol Samir Nasri....macam peluru. Game play Arsenal - the best to date. That's why we call Arsenal - the home of sexy football.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New looks on this blog

hehe, some small touch up
- Remove chicken and replace it with fish pic
- Remove mr Bean and put my long time fav Arsenal - altough Bergkamp and Henry is no longer with Arsenal.....but i'm still supporting them. hehe love

ok on Fx matters:
Last Friday - NFP - another bad news for US. but the market is still in their favour. when they re start to move up again? I dont have the answer. Do you?
duit Learn and master your eyes with simple indi and candlestick formation ek buddies.......

Friday, November 7, 2008

How're you buddies?

love Assalamualaikum and good day everybody.....peace. It took me about 1 month before write again in this blog.....malas giler Bujal nih...hehe
during this 1 month period, many things happen in world financial market. Some people get rich quickly during this testing time....some people got broke......Me??...i went holiday with my family after get back from Mauritania. Spent very quality time with my wife Azizah & my son Aiman, with my mum and dad, family in law.....without even know what happen to the Fx Market.....hehe
The most important thing that i got during that period of time?
sengihnampakgigi ......many things (i got my stress out of me!!)

Ok, some updates:
Next year planning;
1. Baby!
2. Project Serai Wangi - will launch next year Insya Allah.
3. Fx trading - Will start back on January 2009. - Using 4hr / Daily candle only
4. Fx Personal Coaching - will resume on 2009 (subject to my schedule)
5. OD - learn and apply on 'rempit' finishing 2 housing loan in 5 years time with bank money

Hopefully, Another 6 figures income in 2009 - just like in 2007 & 2008