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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Going for the first Million RM

Dipetik daripada Tulisan oleh RASHVINJEET S.BEDI and RICHARD LIM
Moral cerita ini;
1 - dimana ada kemahuan, disitu ada jalan.
2 - Rezeki Allah untuk orang orang yg rajin berusaha. Jadi usalah bersungguh sungguh.
3 - Ini kisah orang orang yg berani mencuba, berani mengambil risiko - calculated risk, dan tahan ujian. Contohi mereka

MOST of his fans know him as a deejay with popular Chinese radio station 98.8 but Chan Fong is a man who wears many hats. He is also an artist, actor, songwriter, brand builder, event planner and a successful businessman.

Chan, 41, joined the entertainment world when he was in his 20s and used to work 18 hours a day doing numerous jobs, including hosting programmes and directing.

Despite the long hours, he recalls, he rarely earned RM10,000 a month.

Wanting a better life, the graphics design graduate decided to try his hand at business and ventured into advertising with a partner. Unfortunately, that was in 1997, the year of the Asian financial crisis.

Chan relates how he and his partner turned to the Yellow Pages and randomly mailed out letters to potential clients about their business.

“We offered proposals and told them they could pay us only if they liked our suggestions,” says the father of three.

They managed to get a few small clients before getting a big break with a leading water filter company. There was no turning back since, although Chan split from his partner in 2002 and set up his own company, 180 Degree Strategic Communications.

Today, Chan's company employs 42 people and is involved in branding for about 30 companies, most of which are household names.

For those who intend to go into business, Chan's advice is to be prepared as “doing business is very competitive these days and involves a lot of hard work as there are financial and human resource issues that need to be looked into, among others”.

He also believes one needs to have at least eight to 10 years of experience before setting up a business.

“People will only come to you if you have experience,” he says, adding that networking also requires time.

Chan, who still guest-deejays once a week for 98.8, believes that passion is important to succeed in business.

“Don't always think about making money first. Think about how you can solve problems before thinking about a better life,” he says.

Chan acknowledges that he is in a position to retire but wants to keep going, at least until the age of 50, before focusing on other interests such as acting.

“There is still a long way (to go) and I am not tired yet,” he quips.

Suthan Mookaiah is 25 and has already earned his first million after working seven years.

While many people take a lifetime to hit the million ringgit mark or don't even come anywhere close, the online entrepreneur and Internet marketing coach considers seven years “a very long time”. “I have seen people who made millions in one or two years,” he says, adding that business started picking up for him when PayPal was introduced in Malaysia.

He points out that there's a huge market for Internet-based businesses, with Malaysians spending about RM1.8bil shopping online annually. Apart from eBay, many online entrepreneurs are also relying on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to push their products, which may range from e-books and videos to things like sarees, sunglasses and even diapers.

Some, he says, earn RM60,000 to RM70,000 a month.

Suthan explains that one only needs RM100 for a domain name and hosting to start an Internet business. For a conventional business, the start-off capital is a minimum RM20,000 to rent and renovate a place.

He notes that while youngsters are more IT savvy, senior citizens can also tap into the online market. One of his students is a 70-year-old man who is selling a guide on Islam online.

When the Asian financial crisis struck, many people who invested in stocks had their fingers burnt while others pulled the brakes on their investments.

But Anthony Poh (not his real name), a former remisier, saw the 1997 crisis as a “window of opportunity” to invest in other areas.

“I went into real estate and the birds nest trade,” he shares.

While some friends were sceptical over his swiftlet farming venture, it turned out to be a cash cow for Poh. Today, he exports premium birds nest to several countries.

Something of a forerunner to his younger contemporaries, Poh cemented his millionaire status in his early 20s by being at the right place at the right time and daring to take risks.

Having made some decent coin with initial public offerings when he was still in university, Poh decided to be a remisier after graduating. His career choice was swiftly rewarded by daily five-figure earnings his best daily haul was RM37,000.

Although the rewards were great, Poh's wheeling and dealing convinced him that he was strolling down a sunset boulevard.

“Internet trading was on the horizon and more remisiers were entering the market,” he recalls.

“I still had my regular clientele but I figured there was better money to be made elsewhere.”

Successful real estate dealings have further bolstered his wealth and Poh's masterful streak shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Despite this, Poh keeps his feet on the ground, spending wisely and resisting urges to buy anything more expensive than a Toyota Camry.

Joel Neoh, the 28-year-old CEO of Groupon Malaysia, may have a degree in mechanical engineering but his forte is definitely in business. Modelling part-time during his college break, he realised there was a huge demand for such jobs and set up a company that recruited youth for events.

The company generated its first million within a year, and Neoh went on to set up NGO Youth Malaysia, which ran several big youth-based projects.

Nine months ago, Neoh started Groupsmore, a discount website that offered deals on food, products, services and lifestyle activities. In January this year, it was acquired by American giant Groupon, a company worth billions and is said to be one of the fastest growing Internet companies.

Neoh believes that many youngsters do not realise their dreams by taking the safe route of working for corporations. To succeed, he stresses, one needs to enjoy their work and be good at what they are doing.

Ammar Zahar, 24, started selling information products during his first year of university. He was pursuing a degree course in landscape architecture and needed money to buy colour prints and paper. Coming from a poor family, he had to support himself through university. He attended many web seminars and learned the tricks of the trade.

These days, he sells information products on various topics such as finance, investments, internet marketing, acne cure, weight loss and even Farmville (a popular Facebook game). He also gets expert writers to write on the products.

“A lot of people from all over the world are buying these things,” he says.

By his third year in university, he had set up his own firm and this year alone, the company achieved half million ringgit sales. Ammar is giving himself another year to reach millionaire status.

“Anyone can go into internet business,” he says, adding that he has no plans to use his degree for now.

Multi-level marketing

Chen Yoong Heong, 38, decided to go into the multi-level marketing business because she wanted to be her own boss.

“I didn't like office routine,” says the former purchasing executive who now sells a nutrition and weight management product.

She started with part time sales before deciding to venture full-time one-and-a-half years ago. Her income has increased 35% and she is confident of reaching the million mark in three to five years.

“It is possible because I have seen a lot of people earning millions,” she says confidently.

But nothing comes easy, so one has to work hard to get what one wants.

“Nothing is going to fall into your lap just like that,” says Chen who constantly talks to people, runs a nutrition class from her home in Klang and markets her product on the Internet.

The mother of two children aged eight and nine also says that she has more time with her kids nowadays, her social circle has expanded and she is much closer to her neighbours

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bila DAP pun nak menegakkan benang basah

kah kah kah kah....
Kuasai bahasa Malaysia tu bonus je..kata dia....
woit....cuba la korang tengok, dalam TV tu....
korang cuba tengok pemimpin cina dan india tu...
tengok betul betul....diorang buleh cakap bahasa Malaysia dengan betul ke tidak?
Ramai yg Gagap gagap beb.......tak caya cuba la korang tengok betul betul....

Aku tak la mintak korang bertutur guna bahasa baku tu...
guna bahasa pasar yg selalu kita tuturkan pun dah ok.
kita tahu lah korang ni orang Malaysia tulen.
Warga yg sayang kan negara ni,
sanggup mati mempertahankan negara ini...kalau diserang lawan satu hari nanti

Ini, baru bahasa Malaysia....kalau satu hari nanti, peluru terbang sana sini...
aku ingat, bangsa bangsa ni yang lari cawat kote dulu sekali.....
memang memalukan.....

ayat yang aku rasa sesuai - Kalau dah tahu Bodoh, Belajar la....kah kah kah.....
(ayat ini juga untuk orang orang Melayu yg masih belum berapa cerdik meniaga....sila belajar...)

DAP says vernacular schools not reason for poor Bahasa skills
By Clara Chooi May 15, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 — A few Chinese DAP leaders have defended members of their community who are unable to converse well in the national language, claiming this was likely the fault of the present education system.

The leaders also brushed aside talk that an individual’s inability to speak Bahasa Malaysia could hamper the process of national integration or that the existence of Chinese vernacular schools should be blamed.

DAP Socialist Youth chief Anthony Loke (picture) admitted that BM proficiency among the Chinese was unsatisfactory but pointed out that the government had failed to give enough emphasis to assisting those who were weak in the language to boost their skills in national schools.

“I think that probably this is because the learning of the language is not really enhanced in both the primary and secondary levels.

“I am sure that there will be critics blaming the vernacular schools but I disagree... because even there, BM is a compulsory subject and after that, they go to secondary school where BM is even more prominent,” Loke told The Malaysian Insider.

“There is just no proper programme in place to help these Chinese primary school students to adopt when in the secondary level,” he added.

The Rasah MP was asked to respond to a survey conducted by The Malaysian Insider to gauge the proficiency level of the Chinese community in their daily use of the national language.

In the survey, 107 Chinese adults were polled and only 75 were deemed able to converse or understand BM.

Of the 75 polled, 21 per cent said the use of Mandarin or other Chinese dialects were more important than BM.

In a separate national study by a well-known teachers’ association recently, it was shown that one in every three Chinese primary school pupil cannot understand BM or English when they prepare to enter national secondary school.

The school survey by the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) also found that one in every four Chinese child who enters national secondary school will drop out.

This has led to claims that the dropout rate and the low level of BM proficiency have created a group of Chinese adults who only interact with other Chinese, creating a barrier for greater inter-ethnic integration in plural Malaysia.

But Loke disagreed with failure in national integration would be the sole outcome of an individual’s failure to master BM.

“Of course I fully agree that every Malaysian should master the language, especially the younger generation, but when it comes to integration, there are many other pertinent factors involved.

“There are also government policies where every Malaysian wants to have a place here, to be treated equally. “Of course language is important because it enhances communication between all the races but still, it is the policies of the government that truly help to promote integration,” he said.

Loke added to him, the most important language was BM and not any Chinese dialect, due to his duties as an MP.

DAP deputy secretary-general Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham expressed shock that there were those among the Chinese community who were unable to converse well in BM.

“I do not see how this is possible. If a person has gone through at least primary school... even Chinese school, they should be able to converse in BM.

“I suspect these people did not go to school.... was the survey done in the rural areas? Did these people go to school?” he asked when contacted.

Ngeh said “something must have gone wrong” during the teaching of the language in schools if individuals were to emerge from the institutions without any knowledge of BM.

“I do not see why they cannot speak if they are properly taught. In any case, this environment where people are unable to converse in BM is no more in Malaysia, except in the more rural areas,” he pointed out.

He added national integration had nothing to do with a person’s inability to converse in the language and explained that it was likely that many people saw it more beneficial to master English or Mandarin than BM.

Ngeh noted the civil service was taken up by at least 80 per cent of Malays, causing the non-Malays to focus their attentions on obtaining jobs that do not require extensive knowledge of BM.

“We master a language for the betterment of our future, like finding a good job, a good career and so on. So since many non-Malays do not opt for posts in the civil service where BM proficiency is required, their focus on learning the language is almost negligible,” he said.

However, Ngeh stressed that every Malaysian should at least possess basic knowledge of conversational BM for their everyday lives.

He said it was not justifiable for a person to be unable to understand basic BM. “Everyone in Malaysia should understand BM as a language of communication and unity,” he said.

DAP national vice-chairman Chong Chieng Jen also strongly disagreed that national unity would be affected by the Chinese community’s lack of proficiency in BM.

He pointed out that 30 years back, racial polarisation and segregation were less rampant than it is today despite the widespread lack of understanding of the BM language among the community.

“Less people understood BM then but there was less segregation. People mingled better than they do today. “So at the end of the day, national unity and integration is more about fairer policies.... Barisan Nasional politicians should stop playing racial politics,” he said.

He added that it was his personal belief that while BM is important in Malaysia, an individual could still get by without having mastered the language.

“It is good if you can speak well in BM because yes, it is our national language, but life goes on even if you cannot do so. It is just a bonus,” he said.

Malu lah mengaku warga Malaysia

Membaca laporan di bawah - Some Chinese dont speak Bahasa at all.
Memang memalukan.
Tinggal di Negara Malaysia,
tapi tiada jati diri, tiada rasa bangga menjadi warga Malaysia.
Bahasa Kebangsaan - Bahasa Malaysia pun mereka gagal nak kuasai.

Cuba kalau korang cuba nak mohon warganegara Amerika ke, Canada ke...
tengok apa yg dia tanya....boleh kuasai bahasa kebangsaan mereka tak?
boleh faham bahasa kebangsaan mereka tak...
confirm ada punya!.

Bagi aku, setiap orang yg ada kad pengenalan Malaysia ni,
setiap orang yg mengaku warganegara Malaysia,
Yang mendapat segala kemudahan dan kemewahan, kesenangan bagai di negara bernama Malaysia ni,
WAJIB tahu (faham dan bertutur dengan fasih) BAHASA MALAYSIA.
kalau tidak tahu, apa guna anda mengaku anda warga Malaysia?
Kalau berlagak sangat tak nak belajar BAHASA itu....yang dah menjadi teras kepada kewujudan sesebuah negara
sila angkat beg, jalan terus, belok kiri dan BERAMBUS dari Malaysia. Dan jangan datang-datang lagi.
We don't need you.

Nota kepada PM :

Sila segerakan Sekolah Integrasi ni,....semua kaum dalam 1 sekolah. Tak perlu sekolah kebangsaan, sekolah jenis kebangsaan Cina atau Sekolah Kebangsaan Tamil. Baru la masalah nak mendapatkan warganegara yg benar benar bersatu dan patriotik akan selesai. - Sila belajar dari INDONESIA..... diorang ada lagi banyak puak dan kaum dari yg ada di Malaysia ni....

Jangan risau kalau si Soi Lek tu ugut pasal sekolah agama Islam. Selama ni, mereka takde pun sekolah agama budha / sekolah agama kristian bagai...... Diorang memang takde idea untuk itu pun. Kalau susah sangat nak menjawab dengan MCA dan MIC tu, sila jemput aku utk menjawab bagi pihak anda.

Some Chinese don’t speak Bahasa at all
By Sheridan Mahavera May 14, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, May 14 — A The Malaysian Insider street poll of 107 Chinese adults has found that 28 of them, or 26.1 per cent of those surveyed, had almost no command or could not understand Bahasa Malaysia.

Of the 75 respondents who understood BM and took the survey, 16, or 21 per cent of them felt that knowing or using the national language was not as important in their lives as knowing Mandarin or other Chinese dialects.

About 37 per cent of those who took the survey (or 28 respondents) used BM less than five times a day. While 20 of them said they either did not have to use it all or only used it less than three times.

The results suggest that within the Chinese community, there is a significant class whose members only interact with those who speak Chinese.

Recently, a separate national study by a well-known teachers’ association showed that one in every three Chinese primary school pupil cannot understand BM or English when they prepare to enter national secondary school.

The school survey by the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) also found that one in every four Chinese child who enters national secondary school will drop out.

This has led to claims that the dropout rate and the low level of BM proficiency have created a group of Chinese adults who only interact with other Chinese, creating a barrier for greater inter-ethnic integration in plural Malaysia.

In another The Malaysian Insider article on the NUTP survey, educators, parents and former Chinese school students argued that it is not the vernacular education system that is at fault.

Family attitudes, the Chinese community and individual choice are bigger influences on how much BM Chinese children pick up, retain and use once they leave school and enter adulthood.
The street poll is a follow-up to both the NUTP survey and the contention that it’s not really the vernacular school system’s fault. The poll is to gauge how the Chinese community regards BM.

If the vernacular education is not at fault, are parents and the community creating an environment where Chinese kids feel that they can get by without knowing the national language?


The entire survey was conducted in Bahasa Malaysia among 107 Chinese individuals. They were asked four questions.

1) Do you understand BM?

2) How important is BM in your life?

3) Which is more important in your life, BM or English?

4) On a typical day, how many times do you use BM?

— Less than three times.

— Less than five times.

— Five times and more.

— More than 10 times.

(This includes occasions such as talking multiple times to one person or talking to multiple people.)

Those who were judged as not being able to “understand BM” were individuals who could not reply to the interview questions. They rejected the survey by gesturing silently when asked “if they could speak BM”.

This group differs from another group of four who understood but declined the survey as they said in BM that “they were busy”.

The survey was conducted in Sepang district, an evenly diverse part of suburban southern Selangor, and in the Chinese enclave of Jinjang Utara in Kuala Lumpur.

Part 2 economic success = social fragmentation

The dominance of Chinese in certain areas of the private sector explains why some in the community feel that BM is not necessary to get by.

The majority 68 per cent in the poll who found BM important were either shopkeepers, salespeople or those working in large corporations where they interacted with non-Chinese individuals on a daily basis.

This group also represents the 62 per cent who used BM more than five times a day. Sixteen per cent used it more than 10 times a day.

Many of those who found BM less important and who used it less than five times a day worked in technical fields such as small engine repair or small-scale construction.

Michael Tay, who works in the property industry, says there is a belief that because you could still get a job just by speaking Chinese, there is no motivation to learn other languages.

“They feel comfortable mixing with people from a similar culture and language, and they don’t have to depend on non-Chinese to survive. But this is not good for integration,” says Tay, a Bandar Baru Tampoi MCA branch leader in Johor Baru.

A majority of the 28 who could not speak the national language were in their 50s and older. Some of the BM speakers said this was a trend with the Merdeka generation who did not enter the formal education system.

But of the 28, 10 of them were individuals aged 40 and below. About five of them were young adults who worked in mobile phone shops and who politely declined and deferred to their friends when asked in BM.

According to their friends, these individuals had trouble understanding BM because they “dropped out of school”.

Part 3 Malaysia: A bowl or pot?

Low BM usage does not translate into feeling it is less important. For instance, a handful of Chinese shopkeepers who catered to a mainly Chinese clientele felt that BM was important. This is even though they said their command and use of it was low.

“Ini Malaysia maa. Semua kena cakap Melayu. Kalau tak cakap Melayu macam mana Melayu, Cina, India mau satu,” said a shopkeeper who sells joss sticks and Chinese prayer items and who said there were days he didn’t use BM at all.

A stationery shop owner refused to believe the survey’s findings that some Chinese could not speak BM.

“Mana ada? Mesti boleh cakap punya. Ini Malaysia maa,” said the 46-year-old. These same sentiments were expressed by 10 of the respondents.

When asked whether BM or English was more important, 33 per cent of respondents said BM while 20 per cent said both languages were important. Twenty-nine per cent chose English over BM, while 17 per cent did not know.

The proportion of those who don’t speak BM versus those who do reveals how the community views integration with the larger non-Chinese environment. But this is not unique just to the Chinese.

Arguably, there are proportions of Malays and Indians who also go days without meeting someone from a different ethnicity.

Historian Prof Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim believes each ethnic community has evolved this way because they have been taught to think of the group first rather than the nation-state.

“We have always been a people who have lived apart from each other. Even the early Indonesian settlers, the Minangs, Banjars, Javanese lived in separate colonies first. They did not automatically become ‘Malays’.”

Malaysia’s model of integration then, which is more a “salad bowl” than a “melting pot”, makes it hard for individuals to adopt a common culture or language as the priority is always with what the group thinks.

“If you notice, Chinese and Indians are not comfortable at all speaking BM to one another. This is different from the Peranakan Chinese in the past who spoke BM to each other,” observes Khoo.

Though the bright side from survey shows a positive attitude among its Chinese respondents concerning BM, it is harder to gauge how deep their feelings of togetherness with Malaysia and other Malaysians as a whole.

And if the same trends are present in Malaysia’s other communities, it may well be that we are still a nation of separate peoples.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cerita Porno di Parlimen.

lama aku tak menulis di blog aku ni.
Sibuk dengan kerja, dan otak aku berkarat...tak tau apa isu nak tulis.

Nak tulis pasal video seks (anwar katanya)....
aku malas.
Ada ke nak tengok cerita porn, ramai ramai dalam Parlimen...
Mana stim wei.....
contohi la Soi Lek....sambil main, sambil layan Porn...hahahahaha.

Senang cerita,
kalau korang nak jadi pemimpin,
ikutlah jalan /pimpinan yg agama sarankan
bukan main ambik separuh separuh. Mana yg ko berkenan ko amik, yg terkena batang idung,ko tolak.
Kalau orang tu tak buat benda tu, layan palacor,layan bontot....muka dia rilek je bila orang fitnah..tak jadi kudis kat dia. Kalau betul dia layan menda tu...haha, cawat punai la jawabnye....

3 hari lepas, dalam Buletin Utama TV3,
untuk pertama kalinya, bila diorang hentam Anwar, aku bersetuju...
Haaa ini macam la, hentam Anwar siap bukti, siap footage video. Baru Masyuk....
Anwar jangan pandai tebar janji saja...
Rakyat mau pelaksanaan.
Janji mau cat flat diorang dalam masa 1 bulan, tapi sudah jangkau 37bulan...ape cerita??
utk kes tu...aku tabik TV3. Good Job.
Rakyat didahulukan.

p/s - aku suka tengok 360, Aduan Rakyat, Bersamamu. No bias dalam rancangan ni....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soalan soalan untuk YB anda.

Kalau anda diberi peluang untuk berdiskusi dengan YB(Yang Berkhidmat) kawasan anda, dalam forum atau majlis majlis yg dianjurkan, sila jangan segan untuk tanya soalan ini kepada YB anda... tak kiralah samada dia dari BN ke atau PR.

1. Apa tugas utama YB?
2.Berapa peruntukan pembangunan utk kawasan YB?
3. Boleh bagi penyata kewangan / aliran tunai kemana peruntukan itu disalurkan?
4. Sila senaraikan aktiviti aktiviti untuk masyarakat yg telah YB jalankan utk rakyat kawasan YB.
5. Apa perancangan YB utk tahun kehadapan (1 year ahead planning) utk rakyat kawasan YB?

6. Boleh YB terangkan bagaimana YB bawa masalah masalah dan keperluan rakyat dikawasan YB ke pengetahuan kerajaan negeri / pusat? Sila terangkan...

Tak salah, sekalii sekala korang sebagai orang orang muda ni, kasi pucat muka YB YB kita ni...menjawap soalan soalan yg bernas dan berakal. Tanya soalan yg logik dan bernas, jika dijawab dengan longlai...kita sudah tau....something wrong with our YB.....samada dia tak buat kerja atau....... jeng jeng jeng....pau duit.

Jadi, anda sebagai rakyat.... anda adalah bos. Gunakan hak anda sbagai bos... tanya pekerja anda tu (YB la sapa lagi). Kalau pekerja tak boleh jawap, melenting dan marah marah bos... apa yg bos patut buat? lu orang jawap sendiri.

Oh lupa......PM kita tu pun pekerja kita... remember ye... Rakyat is da Boss. Jadi, dia kena la jugak jawap secara jujur dan telus.

- Belanjawan negara....dah berapa tahun defisit? Defisit = belanja melebihi pendapatan.....not good at all.

Lagi cerita Judi

Sila baca petikan berita ini dengan tenang.
Malas cakap banyak....
konon mengaku negara ini negara Islam.
Judi halalkan jugak,
Arak halalkan jugak,
Hukum hudud untuk orang islam tak mahu buat,
Ada kuasa pergi salahguna,

Jadi, cuba korang cakap kat aku....
kenapa aku perlu sokong BN?
50 tahun lebih dia perintah negara ni....
Korang tengok apa yg dia buat kat masyarakat negara ni.... makin porak peranda.

Aku tak nafikan dia bawak pembangunan untuk negara. Terima Kasih.... tapi jangan lupa, dia bangunkan negara tu pakai duit rakyat (taxpayers money). Dia jadi pengurus sahaja. Itu pun pengurus yg kureng cekap - banyak korup sana sini....Jadi....kenapa aku perlu sokong perjuangan sia sia - duniawi smata mata itu? Yang aku rasa...ramai mahu...dunia aman, akhirat bahagia....

nanti kita sambung lagi.

Don’t gamble away our children’s future — Thomas Lee Seng Hock
March 07, 2011
MARCH 7 — The issue of gambling is again hogging the political limelight, following the PAS Kelantan state government decision to disallow the sales of Big Sweep lottery tickets in coffee-shops and other business premises.

The common perception at present is that since the Big Sweep lottery scheme has been given a licence to operate, the Kelantan state government has no authority and power to ban its sale of lottery tickets in the state.

On the contrary, although the licence to operate the lottery is given by the federal government, the authority responsible for issuing permits to premises to operate as lottery outlets is the local council.

The lottery can be sold in Kelantan, but only in premises which have been specifically licensed for the purpose, i.e. legally permitted to operate as lottery outlets.

Hence, the Kota Baru Municipal Council is not intrinsically wrong per se to take action on business premises selling lottery tickets as they are not licensed as lottery outlets. A bookshop, for example, has no business selling lottery tickets.

The argument in support of the Big Sweep lottery being allowed to be freely available to the people is that it is a fundamental right enshrined and endorsed by the Social Welfare Lottery Act.

This antiquated and obsolete law was originally enacted to allow the federal government to raise funds via a lottery scheme for its welfare work among the poor and underprivileged people.

Hence, it surely is not right to use this archaic legislation to justify the current business operation of the gambling commercial enterprises. The profits from these lottery schemes run by these companies are not specifically meant and used for welfare work, and as such, these schemes should not be covered by the provisions of the Social Welfare Lottery Act.

Having looked at the legal implication of the Kelantan action, we should also consider the religious, moral, social and ethical dimensions of the gambling issue.

Gambling is basically a game of chance, involving the wagering of money or something of value.

Currently, gambling is a major commercial activity, with a worldwide legal gambling market involving an estimated US$400 billion (RM1.2 trillion) in 2010.

In Malaysia, hundreds of millions of ringgit are involved in the three weekly lottery draws operated by the three major gaming corporations — Sport Toto, Magnum, and Big Sweep. Hence, gambling is a significant economic activity, and an avenue for the federal government to collect massive taxes.

But the moral and social consequences of the gambling habit are certainly matters of deep concern. The emergence of loan sharks, for example, is a direct consequence of the gambling culture.

In view of the moral and social consequences, almost all religions frown on gambling as an evil practice, a sin, at least the official level.

However, many countries, including Malaysia, have made allowance for those who wish to gamble, and accommodate them by regulating and limiting gambling with legal jurisdictions and taxation.

In Malaysia, gambling has been legalised with licences given to various companies to operate lottery schemes, and at the turf clubs and casinos. Legally, only the non-Muslims are allowed to purchase lottery tickets and patronise these gambling joints.

The issue PAS raised concerning the moral evil of gambling is not without merit, and we should seriously give the party a hearing on the matter, at least on the following grounds:

First of all, the most serious consequence of a legalised gambling scheme is the harmful impact it has on the poorest section of our society. Even without the benefit of extensive empirical studies, we can verify by objective observation that the largest number of gamblers come from the poorest section of our community.

Psychologically, many of these poor people have conditioned themselves to think that they could never uplift their current economic status, unless they could strike it big in a lottery draw or win big in other gambling schemes. Gambling gives them a hope of sort.

Secondly, the easily availability of licensed gambling outlets leads to the temptation to try one’s luck, especially when the jackpot winnings nowadays can be in tens of millions ringgit. The initial “harmless” play can eventually develop into a habit, a bondage to the gambling demon. Many a life and family have been destroyed by the evil of addicted gambling.

Thirdly, one serious consequence of gambling is the rise of criminal activities. Desperate addicted gamblers will steal, rob, or even murder to get money to fuel their gambling habit or to repay gambling debts.

Many are harassed by loan sharks who use all sorts of violent tactics against the borrowers and their innocent family members. The rise in snatch thefts, break-ins, robberies, etc is certainly one consequence of unrestrained gambling.

Finally, many families have been destroyed by a gambling father, a gambling mother, a gambling son. Lives have been lost due to gambling losses. Recently, there have been some very sad stories about housewives from Johor travelling to the casinos in Singapore, and causing break-ups of families.

While the MCA and Gerakan politicians, as usual, are trying to cash in to score political points by attacking PAS over its attempt to curb the spread of the gambling evil among the people, are they really aware and concerned about the moral-social and spiritual well-being of the citizens?

Whatever may be the theological basis of the PAS philosophy and practices, it is certainly clear on what is universally morally right and morally wrong, and as a Christian I accept and endorse its moral-ethical values as being consistent with universal moral principles. Note, I said moral-ethical values, not theology.

The promoters of Islamophobia and PASphobia in the MCA and Gerakan, use every conceivable opportunity and excuse to attack the DAP for giving in to the PAS Islamic state agenda, exploiting the ignorance and fear of the theologically illiterate and politically naive in their desperate attempt to hold on their little derived power given to them by Umno.

We should not allow ourselves to be deceived and misled by the politics of fear propagated by the promoters of Islamophobia and PASphobia in the MCA and Gerakan.

We need to understand that the essential need for our country’s survival and progress is a politically viable formula, grounded on mutual trust and respect, with compromise and cooperation based on common universal moral, social and ethical values.

There is a place for accommodation of common values, a need for adoption of a common political platform, a willingness to assimilate and integrate the good values and practices of each other, and the vision and mission to accelerate our country into a righteous, just, fair, equal, peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous nation, without the considerations of colour, creed, culture, and class.

The PAS stand on gambling is not something to be politicised, but something to be honestly, objectively and critically evaluated and reflected on, because our children’s future is at stake.

It doesn’t mean that since gambling is legal, it must be morally right. The ISA is legal, but is morally evil and oppressive. —

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bahana Short Pants...

Korang kenal apa itu short pants?
Pernah pakai? (pompuan la biasa pakai)
Tak sejuk ke pakai short pants, lepas tu masuk panggung...
Kepada penggemar short pants..... hahaha padan muka lu orang....
makin ramai penggila seks diluar sana yg nak raba korang sebab seduce diorang.
Sila la pakai lagi short pants.....
(kan lagi bagus korang jalan kat KLCC ni tak payah pakai apa apa...maksud aku naked. Yes Naked)....

"A MIDDLE-AGED man has been attacking women wearing short pants in Johor Baru, China Press reported.

The 48-year-old claimed that such attire were meant to seduce him.

The man would also spit on any woman with short pants, including children, the paper said.

It added that he had been behaving strangely in the past few years.

The man’s female neighbour lodged a police report on Saturday after the man tried to attack her with a wooden stick while she was in her kitchen.

The woman, 44, said the man tried to attack her although she was wearing jeans during the 1.30pm incident on Saturday.

The paper said when policemen approached the man, he claimed that he was gay and that he hated women wearing short pants.

When asked why, he told them they were trying to seduce him".

Bila King Porn mula bersuara....

Bila king porn mula bersuara....
korang boleh pilih untuk buat salah satu dari yg berikut
1. Gelakkan dia ramai ramai
2. Buat tak tahu apa yg dia cakap
3. Bakul sampahkan saja dia.

Aku rasa dia sendiri tak tau apa yg dia cakap ni. Mana ada agama yg dalam dunia galakkan umat dia berjudi.
DAP (Karpal Singh) tu pun sama....
Bila orang haramkan judi dalam satu negeri....dia marah. Dia marah bermaksud dia menggalakkan orang berjudi.
Yg kaya siapa? tokey cukong judi. Yang miskin, penjudi itu sendiri.
Kalau nak bawak pergi mahkamah pun bawak la Soi lek buat video porn tak kena hukum pun...pelik betul. Ariel Peterpan dapat 7 tahun. Lu lepas bebas....memang pelik Malaysia ni.

IPOH: Non-Muslims have the right to decide for themselves whether they want to gamble or not, although MCA does not condone it, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said.

He said the freedom of choice was provided for under the Federal Constitution and PAS did not have the right of infringement.

As such, Dr Chua said the party would encourage its central committee member Datuk Ti Lian Ker, also a lawyer by training, to haul PAS to court for banning gambling in Kelantan.

“PAS, by banning gambling, is imposing Islamic values on non-Muslims.

School project: Ahmad Husni (fourth from left), Chua (fifth from left) together with other officials performing the ground-breaking ceremony of the new site for SJKC Poi Lam at Bandar Baru Sri Klebang, Ipoh, yesterday. – Bernama

”From this, we (MCA) can conclude that PAS will impose its values in other areas if the opposition takes over the Federal Government,” he said after the ground-breaking ceremony of the new site for SJKC Poi Lam at Bandar Baru Sri Klebang here yesterday.

Also present was Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah.

Dr Chua said DAP leaders, except for Karpal Singh, had been mum on their Pakatan ally’s move to ban gambling in Kelantan.

“This is proof that DAP has no influence over PAS,” he said before challenging PAS to extend the ban to Kedah.

On party matters, Dr Chua said his focus was on strengthening the party for the general election.

He said he had not given any thought as to whether he would contest a seat.

Dr Chua was asked to comment on a report quoting Simpang Pulai assemblyman Chan Ming Kai as saying there were 6,000 new voters in Gopeng and that Dr Chua was preparing to contest the Gopeng parliamentary seat in the next election.

Dr Chua said the party had recruited 50,000 new voters between April and December last year under a nationwide voter registration exercise, and it would recruit another 50,000 in the first six months of this year.

In another development, Dr Chua said the Government would only ban the import of certain second-hand vehicle spare parts, like steering equipment and brakes, for safety reasons.

The ban is expected to take effect in June.

“There is no blanket ban. I have discussed the matter with Inter­national Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed during the NEC (National Economic Council) meeting recently,” Dr Chua, also an NEC member, said.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tindakan PAS haramkan judi...MCA melenting

Minggu ni, diberitakan dalam suratkhabar....kerajaan PAS di Kelantan telah menyerbu 3 buah kedai buku yg menjual tiket tikam nombor ekor/loteri , merampas tiket2x tersebut dan mengenakan denda terhadap pemilik kedai tersebut.

MCA pula dalam suratkhabar telah cuba memainkan sentimen bahawa judi ni tak salah dikalangan orang bukan Islam....

Gitu la lebih kurang. Nak tau lebih lanjut...sila cari the star hari sabtu 5/3/2011

komen aku -
Bangang pemimpin MCA ni....cuba la ko tengok apa yg berlaku sebetulnya. Berapa ramai yg berhutang Along disebabkan judi? Pergi la ko tanya dengan ketua biro aduan awam MCA tu...Dato Micheal Chong tu.....berapa banyak kes kes utang along yg terpaksa dia tangani.

Situ je dah nampak...Judi ni tak baik untuk ekonomi. Haramkan aje. Banyak benda lain yang boleh dibuat untuk menjana pendapatan. Judi tak termasuk dalam kategori ni. Judi terkategori dalam perabihkan duit....

Bagi aku dalam kes ni...pemimpin MCA ni bangang...takde otak. Bodoh senang cakap....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Taib Mahmud Billionaire??? mana datang harta

Ikan bilis ditangkap, ikan besar lepas begitu saja....
Apa pukat korang tak cukup kuat ke?
atau tangan korang dah kena ikat?

Pada pendapat aku yg hanyalah rakyat marhaen ni....
aku amat pelik,
macammana pemimpin pemimpin negara kita ni,
bila naik ke jawatan yg disandang sekarang je,
rumah besar2x...kereta mewah mewah...
itu yg kita nampak depan mata.
Yang tak nampak...tak tahu lagi.
duit dalam akaun juta juta....
mana datang agaknya harta harta ni.
Yang lagi pelik...semuanya ada dalam masa yg singkat.

Apa bila diorang naik jawatan besar besar ni,
baru depa nak buat bisnes ke?
Kalau depa buat bisnes...bila masa pulak depa ada masa utk rakyat?
musykil...memang musykil....

pemimpin negara kita ni kena jawab soalan ni kat rakyat Malaysia - dari mana datangya harta yg melampau banyak tu... Sila isytiharkan harta anda dan maklumat itu sedia utk dilihat oleh rakyat. Baru la adil dan telus.... ada berani??? tak berani...jangan jadi ketua la.....

Suaram is appalled with the silence maintained by the government with regards to the release of a list of secret foreign assets connected to the family of long-serving Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud by the Bruno Manser Fund (BMF).

Taib, who has been the chief minister since 1981, is also the state finance minister as well as the state planning and resources minister. He and his family is believed to have set up a worldwide business empire across eight countries and is estimated to be worth at least several billion ringgit, according to the list released by the BMF on February 21.

The 49 companies are located in Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, the US, UK, the British Virgin Islands and Jersey. Some of the companies are involved in high end real estate and property, such as notable Malaysian companies Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS), the largest private company in Sarawak, and the Ta Ann logging group.

Taib Mahmud is alleged to have abused his position, giving preferential treatment to his business interests who are engaged in the mistreatment and forced evictions of the indigenous population in Sarawak and land grabs of Native Customary Rights (NCR) land in the state.

Furthermore, Taib Mahmud has allegedly failed to be accountable for over RM4.8 billion in state funds over the past three years. In 2007, Japanese tax authorities uncovered a corruption scheme involving kickbacks from nine Japanese shipping companies in exchange for timber export licenses.

Suaram is surprised why the government, and particularly the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC), with such a vocal stand against corruption, has remain silent and failed to take any action against Taib Mahmud, even with the evidence put forth, virtually on a platter, by the Bruno Manser Fund and many other whistleblowers.

Suaram is concerned that inaction by the government will be seen as tacit approval of corruption and an inability or even an unwillingness to crack down on corruption, despite many public statements to the contrary.

Therefore Suaram demands that the MACC immediately investigate the allegations of corruption and misuse of power against Taib. The government must also cooperate with international efforts to identify and freeze Taib's illicit overseas assets, if any, for future restitution to the people of Sarawak.
The writer is Suaram coordinator.

Mamat ni ada bola kristal - boleh tilik masa depan

Ali Rustam, Ketua Menteri Melaka kata.....Malaysia akan jadi macam Egypt kalau PAS yg memerintah. Sila baca disini

Aduhhhh...apsal la Menteri menteri di Malaysia ni, bercakap macam takde otak. Nak kata tak pandai....takkan la dia buleh sampai jadi menteri.

Tuan YB.....sistem yg ada sekarang ni, tak betul tuan. Tuan tengok saja apa jadi dengan negara kita ni. Menakutkan tuan YB. Zina sana sini. Rumah sundal bersepah sepah. Kedai nombor judi toksah cerita.....

Adakah apa yg tuan buat ni, yg tuan katakan itu, tuan rasa betul.
Tuan fikir la balik. Lepas semayang...duduk tafakur di tikar sejadah......

Thursday, February 24, 2011


saya petik kata kata ni dari blog

Keluarga buat kita gembira.
Keluarga buat kita bahagia.
Keluarga buat kita rasa diperlukan.
Kita sedih.. keluarga turut merasa.
Kita gembira, keluarga turut berkongsi.
Keluarga ada segalanya.
Jangan malu menunjukkan kasih.
Kerana kita adalah keluarga.

Dalam hidup kita sebenarnya hanya ada satu hari iaitu hari ini.
Hari semalam sudah berlalu.
Hari esok belum pasti.
Mungkin esok masih dapat melihat dan merasa kasih sayang ibu ayah juga anak.
Tapi mungkin juga esok keadannya tidak akan sama seperti semalam atau hari ini.
Mungkin hari ini adalah yang terakhir?
Jadi.. hargai hari ini, ketika ini, waktu ini.. bukan bertangguh menunggu esok.
Nikmati hari ini.. segala pahit dan manis.. walau perkara besar atau kecil..nikmati dengan sepenuh hati.

~ Zubye

Musim Kerja....

Musim cuti kami,
bulan 11-1.
Bulan bulan tu....laut bergelora, tengkujuh menderu deru.
Itulah masa kami melepas lelah, menghabiskan masa bersama si anak isteri.

Kini masa utk bekerja telah datang kembali....
Untung amat kalau ada masa terluang,
untuk melepas lelah pergi bercuti cuti Malaysia.

Banyak perkembangan yg dah berlaku di Malaysia ini.
Yg hangat sekarang....pilihanraya Kerdau & Merlimau.
Dua dua kawasan adalah kawasan BN (penyandang kerusi terdahulu)
Adakah Pakatan Rakyat akan dapat memenangi kawasan tersebut (buat upset)?
sama sama kita nantikan

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Its Appraisal time & Naik Pangkat Time?

Dicilok dari

A little boy went into a drug store, reached for a soda carton and pulled it over to the telephone. He climbed onto the carton so that he could reach the buttons on the phone and proceeded to punch in seven digits (phone numbers). The store-owner observed and listened to the conversation.

Boy: Lady, Can you give me the job of cutting your lawn?

Woman: (at the other end of the phone line): I already have someone to cut my lawn.

Boy: Lady, I will cut your lawn for half the price of the person who cuts your lawn now.

Woman: I’m very satisfied with the person who is presently cutting my lawn.

Boy: (with more perseverance) : Lady, I’ll even sweep your curb and your sidewalk, so on Sunday you will have the prettiest lawn in all of Palm beach, Florida.

Woman: No, thank you.

With a smile on his face, the little boy replaced the receiver. The store-owner, who was listening to all this, walked over to the boy.

Store Owner: Son… I like your attitude; I like that positive spirit and would like to offer you a job.

Boy: No thanks.

Store Owner: But you were really pleading for one.

Boy: No Sir, I was just checking my performance at the Job I already have. I am the one who is working for that lady I was talking to!’

Moral: This is what we call SELF APPRAISAL. Every time if we don’t get ahead of others, we blame others for it. We should look to our self and compare, find own weaknesses and work hard to throw away weaknesses. Always Work Hard, Honest and with full Dedication. It will always pay up.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Muhyiddin mengingatkan pengundi pada pilihan raya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Tenang agar tidak membuat kesilapan dengan memastikan calon Barisan Nasional (BN), Mohd Azahar Ibrahim menang Ahad ini.

Muhyiddin Yassin berkata usaha membawa pembangunan ke DUN Tenang akan berhadapan dengan masalah jika pengundinya memilih calon pembangkang sebagai wakil rakyat mereka.

Jangan membuat kesilapan dengan mengundi calon PAS, kerana kedua-dua kerajaan negeri dan kerajaan pusat adalah di bawah Barisan Nasional. Jika memilih pembangkang sebagai wakil rakyat maka usaha membangunkan Tenang akan berhadapan dengan masalah,” katanya di sini.

Dia berkata demikian pada majlis makan malam Tahun Baru Cina di Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Ai Chun di Tenang Stesen di sini, yang turut dihadiri Timbalan Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani Chua Tee Yong, yang juga Ahli Parlimen Labis.

Pembangkang, menurutnya tidak berkemampuan memerintah negara sebagaimana dilakukan BN kerana Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), PAS dan DAP diibaratkan seperti “tidur satu bantal tetapi mimpi lain-lain.”

ada masalah ape?
cuba cakap sikit apa masalah dia tu?
kalau nak buat pembangunan, tak perlu tunggu pilihanraya kecil.....
tak perlu tunggu YB mati baru nak bagi peruntukan membangunkan kawasan....

Kalau itu macam.....tunggu YB mati baru nak hulur bantuan pada rakyat...
rakyat sentiasa berdoa YB mati.....
macam macam la DPM ni...

Ambil Cuti Sakit - Pergi berkempen

suami kepada calon PAS di DUN Tenang.....ambil cuti sakit 21 hari (MC 21 hari oooo).
Tapi kemudiannya, dia didapati mengiringi isterinya pergi bertemu pengundi di Tenang.....

betapa tak amanahnya manusia zaman ini.
Orang beri kerja, suruh kerja. Kalau sakit....dapat MC, berehatla....dah sihat, kembali la bekerja
ini amik cuti MC.....lepas tu buat aktiviti lain.
Bagi aku....ini amatlah tak adil kepada majikan beliau.

boleh la kalau nak hantar surat letak jawatan.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Percaturan pintar Khalid

memang bijak....
Keputusan MB Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim memanggil sidang khas dewan untuk mengembalikan kuasa kepada tuanku Sultan Selangor, aku kategorikan sebagai macam tindakan bijak serampang dua mata ketika bermain catur.

Korang bayangkan lah, 24hb satu dua ribu sebelas ni..... masa usul ini dikemukakan di dalam dewan, ADUN barisan Nasional (UMNO khususnya), sebagai pembangkang..... apakah reaksi mereka?
1. Nak membangkang - dengan tidak bersetuju? - takut di cop penderhaka kepada sultan pulak....walhal selama ni mereka yg dok kata Khalid Berahim penderhaka....dan claim merekalah pembela nasib bangsa Melayu
2. Nak Setuju - macam lawan cakap Madey dulu dulu dan En Bijan skarang.....
3. Tak mau datang sidang dewan - ???? kena buang kerja pulak nanti.....

Nah....amik korang....kita nak tengok apa pulak silat dari geng geng UMNO ni nanti....utk masa ni...senjata dah makan tuan nampaknya....dah backfire.

Tapi, tindakan khalid ni jugak ada risikonya.....geng geng kulit gelap dan mata sepet dari pakatan rakyat buleh je nak membangkang cadangan ni....(tapi confirm punya ah...kena cop PENDERHAKA)....

bagi aku, raja yg baik kita hormat....tapi kalau raja yg jahat, raja minom todi, layan gundik, dan segala macam maksiat....yg tu elok la kita tombangkan aje. Tak layak jadi pemimpin.

Cerita ADUN kena tarik jawatan

Dulu dulu,
kalau aku ponteng sekolah....
tak payah lama....1 hari cuma
teruk aku kena belasah dan ceramah dengan cikgu aku.
tu baru cikgu,
belum mama dan papa ku....

zaman la ni....
bila ADUN ponteng sidang dewan,
bukan sekejap, bukan 1 kali...
tapi 6 purnama lamanya....
entah entah lebih.....
bila kena denda tarik jawatan, bila kena kosongkan kerusi.....
dia mau marah. UMNO mau sokong.....
ape ke ngong namanya ni.....

Anda adalah Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri....
dibayar untuk mewakili rakyat...
bukan sedikit gaji anda....
kurang tidak RM5 ribu keatas setiap bulan....(kalau kurang maafkan aku...)
hadir ke mesyuarat peringkat negeri salah satu tanggungjawab anda....
tak hadir bermaksud culas kerja.
Apa lagi mahu membela dan melawat rakyat dikawasan anda. Aku agak ragu ragu dengan hal ini.
Culas kerja - hukumnya....kena buang kerja la....apa lagi. Kami tak mau orang yg malas malas ni.

Kalau kesihatan tak mengizinkan, aku cadangkan....tak payah la orang orang tak sihat ni nak jadi ADUN.....
mana mana ADUN yg tak sihat ni, elok la letak jawatan.
salah satu kriteria ADUN / ahli parlimen yg aku rasa mesti ada ialah - mereka perlu sihat tubuh badan dan akal fikiran.
Kalau asyik sakit aje, macam mana nak jalankan aktiviti aktiviti membela nasib rakyat....tak gitu?

Aku amat menyokong keputusan spekear negeri Selangor ni.....mengosongkan kerusi ADUN P.Kelang ni.....
lepas ni, kalau sape sape ponteng lagi lebih 3x....buang aje.....golongan golongan pemalas ni tak patut jadi ADUN......jawatan mahu, gaji mahu....buat kerja tak mahu....ini sudah lebeyyyyyy....


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bila Soi Lek sebut Negara Islam

Dah takde modal ke bro?
balik balik lu takutkan rakyat negara Malaysia ni dengan propaganda
kalau PAS berjaya perintah negara ni, undang undang Islam akan tertegak
dan orang orang bukan Islam akan teraniaya....
apa yg aku nak katakan kepada MCA punye pemimpin ni..... nampak je maccam pandai....tapi ya ampooooonnnnn....tak de otak kot.

Kalaupun PAS menang dan undang undang Islam ditegakkan....
ianya dengan niat yg satu....utk membtulkan apa yg dah salah selama ni.
undang undang Islam tu utk orang Islam
orang bukan Islam.....ikut suka korang la...nak guna undang undang Islam ke...nak guna undang undang Sivil.... Islam tak pernah larang orang bukan Islam utk melaksanakan undang undang mereka. Malah lagi menggalakkan orang bukan Islam utk memilih hukum Islam, kalau mereka mahu. TAK DE PAKSAAN oiiiii ...

p/s - soi lek....ko takut ape ek? lu buat entot entot dengan gundik tu.....tak kena hukum plak....orang angkat jadi pemimpin lagi.....duhhhhhh malu dowh.....

p/s 2 - Soi Lek, wa cadangkan...kalau lu talak tau pasal contohi orang orang barat yg mengkaji pasal Islam ni.....baru lu bercakap balik...... buat masa skarang ni.....kauu ni ibarat manusia yg dalam kegelapan lagi nih.....

Cerita pasal PARIAH!

aku memang tergelak abis bila orang cerita pasal perkataan paria dalam buku interlok.
Secara jujurnya, aku belum lagi mendapat buku itu utk dibaca.....very hot in the market ooooo
tak dapat beli...habis licin...

Korang nak tau kenapa aku gelak.....sbab ada orang marah bila orang cerita pasal pariah ni. Dalam hatii aku....terdetik, apa orang yg marah marah ni asal Pariah ke?

Ada baiknya orang yg marah marah tu berfikir begini.

1. Akui saja yg di India sana....memang terdapat sistem kasta ni. Kalau tak mau mengaku....sila ke India dan kaji (diceritakan bahawa diindia sana....kasta brahma akan basuh dulu duit yg kasta rendah skali ni pegang...baru mereka nak pakai....)

2. Dulu dulu masa zaman Mat Saleh jajah Malaysia, memang depa bawak kuli kuli dari india sana. Takkan la depa bawak geng geng kasta tinggi di sana kot? Mesti ar kasta yg rendah . Ini Fakta ooooo

3. Dah sampai Malaysia, diorang disuruh kerja.....di estet estet.... Lepas Merdeka, dapat kerakyatan. Orang Orang India ni diberi hak sama rata utk menaikkan taraf hidup mereka. Sapa rajin dia berjaya. Bukan macam di India....ikut kasta kasta.... Malaysia tak main ar itu sistem....

4. Sepatutnya korang (yg marah marah kat buku ni) bangga.....dari India, datang kesini...dibawa dek Mat Saleh...dari takda apa apa....dipandang hina di India....sekarang...lihat la.....korang dah maju dah senang.....dihormati selayaknya sebagai manusia. Bahkan ada antara orang orang India di Malaysia ni yg lebih kaya daripada orang asal di Malaysia.

5. Dari Pariah kepada orang yg dihormati....seumpamanya macam team bola yg paling corot di EPL 50 tahun dulu, tapi kini dah berada di puncak liga....berdiri sama gah sama hebat..dan dihormati oleh Brahma di India nuuuu... OK ape! History remain history. history to be remembered, to guide us to better future.


Tahniah MPSJ!

Tahniah MPSJ dan pengetuanya di atas keberanian utk menegakkan yg hak dan menjatuhkan yg batil.

Selama ni, kita tak tahu, ramai umat islam yg bekerje di premis2x menjual arak dan menghidangkan arak tu.

Keputusan anda itu amatlah tepat. Kami umat Islam sentiasa menyokong keputusan ini. Pedulikkan itu Ronnie Liu..... Apa yg dia tahu mengenai hukum hakam agama Islam.... Dia pandai cakap saja....konon konon kalau retrench pekerja pekerja ni.....camner diorang nak cari makan.

jawapan aku senang saja....Ronnie ingat lu tuhan ke? boleh tahu diorang yg kena retrench tu boleh cari makan ke tidak? rezeki Allah melambak dimuka bumi ni. Takkan mati pekerja pekerja tu kalau tak berkerja menghidang orang dengan arak. Lagi berkat rezeki yg bakal tuhan beri pada mereka bilamana mereka kluar dari kancah arak dan maksiat itu. Itu Janji Tuhan!

Ayuh.... exco kerajaan negeri & ADUN ADUN yg beragama Islam.....tak kira samada korang pembangkang atau kerajaan....mari kita sokong ramai ramai keputusan MPSJ ini

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 15 — The Selangor government insisted today that the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) withdraw its recent ruling barring Muslims from working in outlets selling alcohol, saying that such a move would have “far-reaching consequences” for the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state.
The Malaysian Insider understands that many state executive council members are unhappy with the recent ruling, which was made last Monday.

Ronnie Liu, who is state Local Government Committee chairman, said today the “entire Selangor exco” agreed to withdraw the ruling, stressing that more time was needed to study the ruling before enforcing it.

“I really don’t think that they (MPSJ) have any choice in the matter... if you go ahead with this it is going to create a new wave of retrenchment. Who is going to replace the Muslim workers who have been retrenched?

“Quite a lot of people will be affected by this ruling. They will ask who is responsible for this... and what can we say? Questions of double standards will definitely arise because other states do not enforce this,” Liu told The Malaysian Insider.

Early this week, the MPSJ decided to revoke the licences of businesses found to be violating the Selangor Syariah Criminal Enactment, which bans Muslims from working at premises selling alcohol.

Liu said the state government’s disagreement on the matter was sending a “strong” message to local councils to “think before you act.”

“I think the Yang di-Pertua of MPSJ (Datuk Adnan Md Ikshan) is to blame for this. He should be held responsible because he did not consult the state government before going ahead with the ruling.

“The state is sending a strong message to local councils — before you want to do something, you have to study it carefully,” said Liu.

He claimed that the ruling would “severely” affect businesses in Subang Jaya, signalling concerns that the ruling could also be extended to restaurants and hotels.

“Will this move affect other industries? Is the MPSJ going to extend it to hotels and restaurants? Please do not rush into making such mistakes,” he said.

Asked whether Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim agreed with the executive council, Liu said it was Khalid’s “idea” to study the ruling further before enforcing it.

“Only once you have studied it, then you will realise whether you can carry out the ruling,” he said.

Liu also said he and Khalid would be meeting all local council heads on Monday to gauge their views on the matter.

Other state government leaders have refused to comment on the matter, choosing instead to air their unhappiness over MPSJ’s ruling on popular micro-blogging site Twitter.

“Local councils are not religious authorities. MPSJ should be focusing on town planning, infrastructures & cleanliness,” said Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh on Twitter this morning.

Selangor Speaker Datuk Teng Chang Khim declined comment when asked by The Malaysian Insider.

At the same time, however, the DAP politician posted a response on Twitter earlier today.

“Perhaps MPSJ may want to pass (a) by-law that ensure(s) all Muslims wear kopiah & Muslimat tutup aurat (cover up) before giving (them) business licenses soon,” tweeted Teng.

The Selangor state government announced yesterday it would set up special funds to help Muslim workers who are forced to resign from entertainment outlets serving alcohol, to ensure smooth implementation of the syariah enactment.

Khalid had said that four executive councillors — Datuk Dr Hasan Ali, Yaakob Sapari, Dr Halimah Ali and Rodziah Ismail — would meet the Selangor Zakat Authority to discuss the plan.

“We respect the Syariah Criminal Enactment that aims to help Muslims in looking for halal source of income but at the same time as a caring and fair government, we have to give sufficient time to all affected including business owners and their workers,” said Khalid.

Komplen Azan tak buleh kuat kuat

Aku membaca akhbar hari ini,
mengenai seorang peguam yg komplen mengenai azan yg berkumandang 5x sehari terlalu kuat.

Jawapan aku untuk komplen ni;

Allooooo tak mau bising, lu tak mau dengar azan kuat carik la rumah yg jauh dari masjid.Lu duduk dalam utan. Ape la punye 'pandai' peguam bukan Islam ni...

Ini kan Malaysia. Majoriti penduduk menganut agama Islam. Kitorang respect hak orang bukan Islam nak menganut agama apa pun, nak buat aktiviti keagamaan kitorang tak kacau pun. Yg korang nak sibuk bila kami buat aktiviti keagamaan apa hal?

Utk aku agama ku, utk kamu agama kamu.... Ingat tu.... Jangan sampai Malaysia ni terjadi pertumpahan darah disbabkan agama...... smua orang jadi susah.Aku susah, engkau susah....semua orang susah....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Harga Barang Melambung Lagi

Wahai kawan kawan....
Yg sudah berkahwin ataupun masih bujang....
Tidakkah kamu sedar?
Duit ditangan kamu sekarang seolah olah tiada harga lagi....

Tak lama dulu,
Engkau bebas membeli
Barangan utk keperluan diri
mahupun keperluan keluarga
Tapi Kini?
Nak Makan pun kau pikir 2-3 kali.
Cukup ke duit dalam poket ini?

Dulu dulu,
orang dah bagi peringat...
engkau pangkah dacing...
engkau pangkah BN....
itu bererti engkau pangkah harga Barang Naik!

ya ya...aku tahu engkau berkata "kita tak boleh kontrol itu inflasi, itu subsidi"....tapi takkan engkau tak perasan......pemimpin pemimpin yg buat keputusan tu mana pernah merasa SUSAH...... semua mereka sapu. Missmanagement!.... Sistem merepek merapu!

Aku berharap....kalau ada perubahan dalam pucuk pimpinan kelak....pemimpin baru, buatlah pembaharuan, berubahlah utk mengubah nasib rakyat yg makin hari makin terhimpit tapi tak berapa nak sedar ni.

Lawak Kelakar - Stand Up Comedy Style Malaysia

Klakar gile dowh......
memang kelakar gile kalau korang baca suratkabo hari ni dan tengok berita 3 suku.Memang lawak mengalahkan encik Kacang.

antara ayat ayat kelakar dia :
1. "Mangsa bukan dibunuh dan bukan bunuh diri". Dah tu macam mana dia buleh mati kat atas bumbung tu?

Tak lama dulu dalam sotkabo:
2. Seorang pemimpin yg didapati rasuah, dilantik menjadi pengeurisi Felda.

Apa nak jadi entah ngan negara aku ni.....
wei....duit Felda tu ada banyak wei.....bilion bilion. Cari la orang yg boleh pegang amanah sikit. Takkan nak letak orang yg ada track record Rasuah. Usahkan pengurusi.....dia tak layak pun jadi Adun korang lagi.....(Yg aku pelik tak masuk penjara pulak mamat ni......biasa kalau rasuah masuk penjara.....kelakar betul negara aku ni)

wei....Si Beng Hock tu bukan saje saje lepak nak mati kat atas bumbung tu... takkan la otak hakim ni takde kot.....

O lala...
Di Kota Raya
Boleh tak boleh...belasah saja....

O la la
tah hapa hapa...
sappa punya idea....
bikin ini cerita...

O la la
semua dah terbongeng
Sapa pangkah dacing
memang dia bangang