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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soalan soalan untuk YB anda.

Kalau anda diberi peluang untuk berdiskusi dengan YB(Yang Berkhidmat) kawasan anda, dalam forum atau majlis majlis yg dianjurkan, sila jangan segan untuk tanya soalan ini kepada YB anda... tak kiralah samada dia dari BN ke atau PR.

1. Apa tugas utama YB?
2.Berapa peruntukan pembangunan utk kawasan YB?
3. Boleh bagi penyata kewangan / aliran tunai kemana peruntukan itu disalurkan?
4. Sila senaraikan aktiviti aktiviti untuk masyarakat yg telah YB jalankan utk rakyat kawasan YB.
5. Apa perancangan YB utk tahun kehadapan (1 year ahead planning) utk rakyat kawasan YB?

6. Boleh YB terangkan bagaimana YB bawa masalah masalah dan keperluan rakyat dikawasan YB ke pengetahuan kerajaan negeri / pusat? Sila terangkan...

Tak salah, sekalii sekala korang sebagai orang orang muda ni, kasi pucat muka YB YB kita ni...menjawap soalan soalan yg bernas dan berakal. Tanya soalan yg logik dan bernas, jika dijawab dengan longlai...kita sudah tau....something wrong with our YB.....samada dia tak buat kerja atau....... jeng jeng jeng....pau duit.

Jadi, anda sebagai rakyat.... anda adalah bos. Gunakan hak anda sbagai bos... tanya pekerja anda tu (YB la sapa lagi). Kalau pekerja tak boleh jawap, melenting dan marah marah bos... apa yg bos patut buat? lu orang jawap sendiri.

Oh lupa......PM kita tu pun pekerja kita... remember ye... Rakyat is da Boss. Jadi, dia kena la jugak jawap secara jujur dan telus.

- Belanjawan negara....dah berapa tahun defisit? Defisit = belanja melebihi pendapatan.....not good at all.

Lagi cerita Judi

Sila baca petikan berita ini dengan tenang.
Malas cakap banyak....
konon mengaku negara ini negara Islam.
Judi halalkan jugak,
Arak halalkan jugak,
Hukum hudud untuk orang islam tak mahu buat,
Ada kuasa pergi salahguna,

Jadi, cuba korang cakap kat aku....
kenapa aku perlu sokong BN?
50 tahun lebih dia perintah negara ni....
Korang tengok apa yg dia buat kat masyarakat negara ni.... makin porak peranda.

Aku tak nafikan dia bawak pembangunan untuk negara. Terima Kasih.... tapi jangan lupa, dia bangunkan negara tu pakai duit rakyat (taxpayers money). Dia jadi pengurus sahaja. Itu pun pengurus yg kureng cekap - banyak korup sana sini....Jadi....kenapa aku perlu sokong perjuangan sia sia - duniawi smata mata itu? Yang aku rasa...ramai mahu...dunia aman, akhirat bahagia....

nanti kita sambung lagi.

Don’t gamble away our children’s future — Thomas Lee Seng Hock
March 07, 2011
MARCH 7 — The issue of gambling is again hogging the political limelight, following the PAS Kelantan state government decision to disallow the sales of Big Sweep lottery tickets in coffee-shops and other business premises.

The common perception at present is that since the Big Sweep lottery scheme has been given a licence to operate, the Kelantan state government has no authority and power to ban its sale of lottery tickets in the state.

On the contrary, although the licence to operate the lottery is given by the federal government, the authority responsible for issuing permits to premises to operate as lottery outlets is the local council.

The lottery can be sold in Kelantan, but only in premises which have been specifically licensed for the purpose, i.e. legally permitted to operate as lottery outlets.

Hence, the Kota Baru Municipal Council is not intrinsically wrong per se to take action on business premises selling lottery tickets as they are not licensed as lottery outlets. A bookshop, for example, has no business selling lottery tickets.

The argument in support of the Big Sweep lottery being allowed to be freely available to the people is that it is a fundamental right enshrined and endorsed by the Social Welfare Lottery Act.

This antiquated and obsolete law was originally enacted to allow the federal government to raise funds via a lottery scheme for its welfare work among the poor and underprivileged people.

Hence, it surely is not right to use this archaic legislation to justify the current business operation of the gambling commercial enterprises. The profits from these lottery schemes run by these companies are not specifically meant and used for welfare work, and as such, these schemes should not be covered by the provisions of the Social Welfare Lottery Act.

Having looked at the legal implication of the Kelantan action, we should also consider the religious, moral, social and ethical dimensions of the gambling issue.

Gambling is basically a game of chance, involving the wagering of money or something of value.

Currently, gambling is a major commercial activity, with a worldwide legal gambling market involving an estimated US$400 billion (RM1.2 trillion) in 2010.

In Malaysia, hundreds of millions of ringgit are involved in the three weekly lottery draws operated by the three major gaming corporations — Sport Toto, Magnum, and Big Sweep. Hence, gambling is a significant economic activity, and an avenue for the federal government to collect massive taxes.

But the moral and social consequences of the gambling habit are certainly matters of deep concern. The emergence of loan sharks, for example, is a direct consequence of the gambling culture.

In view of the moral and social consequences, almost all religions frown on gambling as an evil practice, a sin, at least the official level.

However, many countries, including Malaysia, have made allowance for those who wish to gamble, and accommodate them by regulating and limiting gambling with legal jurisdictions and taxation.

In Malaysia, gambling has been legalised with licences given to various companies to operate lottery schemes, and at the turf clubs and casinos. Legally, only the non-Muslims are allowed to purchase lottery tickets and patronise these gambling joints.

The issue PAS raised concerning the moral evil of gambling is not without merit, and we should seriously give the party a hearing on the matter, at least on the following grounds:

First of all, the most serious consequence of a legalised gambling scheme is the harmful impact it has on the poorest section of our society. Even without the benefit of extensive empirical studies, we can verify by objective observation that the largest number of gamblers come from the poorest section of our community.

Psychologically, many of these poor people have conditioned themselves to think that they could never uplift their current economic status, unless they could strike it big in a lottery draw or win big in other gambling schemes. Gambling gives them a hope of sort.

Secondly, the easily availability of licensed gambling outlets leads to the temptation to try one’s luck, especially when the jackpot winnings nowadays can be in tens of millions ringgit. The initial “harmless” play can eventually develop into a habit, a bondage to the gambling demon. Many a life and family have been destroyed by the evil of addicted gambling.

Thirdly, one serious consequence of gambling is the rise of criminal activities. Desperate addicted gamblers will steal, rob, or even murder to get money to fuel their gambling habit or to repay gambling debts.

Many are harassed by loan sharks who use all sorts of violent tactics against the borrowers and their innocent family members. The rise in snatch thefts, break-ins, robberies, etc is certainly one consequence of unrestrained gambling.

Finally, many families have been destroyed by a gambling father, a gambling mother, a gambling son. Lives have been lost due to gambling losses. Recently, there have been some very sad stories about housewives from Johor travelling to the casinos in Singapore, and causing break-ups of families.

While the MCA and Gerakan politicians, as usual, are trying to cash in to score political points by attacking PAS over its attempt to curb the spread of the gambling evil among the people, are they really aware and concerned about the moral-social and spiritual well-being of the citizens?

Whatever may be the theological basis of the PAS philosophy and practices, it is certainly clear on what is universally morally right and morally wrong, and as a Christian I accept and endorse its moral-ethical values as being consistent with universal moral principles. Note, I said moral-ethical values, not theology.

The promoters of Islamophobia and PASphobia in the MCA and Gerakan, use every conceivable opportunity and excuse to attack the DAP for giving in to the PAS Islamic state agenda, exploiting the ignorance and fear of the theologically illiterate and politically naive in their desperate attempt to hold on their little derived power given to them by Umno.

We should not allow ourselves to be deceived and misled by the politics of fear propagated by the promoters of Islamophobia and PASphobia in the MCA and Gerakan.

We need to understand that the essential need for our country’s survival and progress is a politically viable formula, grounded on mutual trust and respect, with compromise and cooperation based on common universal moral, social and ethical values.

There is a place for accommodation of common values, a need for adoption of a common political platform, a willingness to assimilate and integrate the good values and practices of each other, and the vision and mission to accelerate our country into a righteous, just, fair, equal, peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous nation, without the considerations of colour, creed, culture, and class.

The PAS stand on gambling is not something to be politicised, but something to be honestly, objectively and critically evaluated and reflected on, because our children’s future is at stake.

It doesn’t mean that since gambling is legal, it must be morally right. The ISA is legal, but is morally evil and oppressive. —

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bahana Short Pants...

Korang kenal apa itu short pants?
Pernah pakai? (pompuan la biasa pakai)
Tak sejuk ke pakai short pants, lepas tu masuk panggung...
Kepada penggemar short pants..... hahaha padan muka lu orang....
makin ramai penggila seks diluar sana yg nak raba korang sebab seduce diorang.
Sila la pakai lagi short pants.....
(kan lagi bagus korang jalan kat KLCC ni tak payah pakai apa apa...maksud aku naked. Yes Naked)....

"A MIDDLE-AGED man has been attacking women wearing short pants in Johor Baru, China Press reported.

The 48-year-old claimed that such attire were meant to seduce him.

The man would also spit on any woman with short pants, including children, the paper said.

It added that he had been behaving strangely in the past few years.

The man’s female neighbour lodged a police report on Saturday after the man tried to attack her with a wooden stick while she was in her kitchen.

The woman, 44, said the man tried to attack her although she was wearing jeans during the 1.30pm incident on Saturday.

The paper said when policemen approached the man, he claimed that he was gay and that he hated women wearing short pants.

When asked why, he told them they were trying to seduce him".

Bila King Porn mula bersuara....

Bila king porn mula bersuara....
korang boleh pilih untuk buat salah satu dari yg berikut
1. Gelakkan dia ramai ramai
2. Buat tak tahu apa yg dia cakap
3. Bakul sampahkan saja dia.

Aku rasa dia sendiri tak tau apa yg dia cakap ni. Mana ada agama yg dalam dunia galakkan umat dia berjudi.
DAP (Karpal Singh) tu pun sama....
Bila orang haramkan judi dalam satu negeri....dia marah. Dia marah bermaksud dia menggalakkan orang berjudi.
Yg kaya siapa? tokey cukong judi. Yang miskin, penjudi itu sendiri.
Kalau nak bawak pergi mahkamah pun bawak la Soi lek buat video porn tak kena hukum pun...pelik betul. Ariel Peterpan dapat 7 tahun. Lu lepas bebas....memang pelik Malaysia ni.

IPOH: Non-Muslims have the right to decide for themselves whether they want to gamble or not, although MCA does not condone it, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said.

He said the freedom of choice was provided for under the Federal Constitution and PAS did not have the right of infringement.

As such, Dr Chua said the party would encourage its central committee member Datuk Ti Lian Ker, also a lawyer by training, to haul PAS to court for banning gambling in Kelantan.

“PAS, by banning gambling, is imposing Islamic values on non-Muslims.

School project: Ahmad Husni (fourth from left), Chua (fifth from left) together with other officials performing the ground-breaking ceremony of the new site for SJKC Poi Lam at Bandar Baru Sri Klebang, Ipoh, yesterday. – Bernama

”From this, we (MCA) can conclude that PAS will impose its values in other areas if the opposition takes over the Federal Government,” he said after the ground-breaking ceremony of the new site for SJKC Poi Lam at Bandar Baru Sri Klebang here yesterday.

Also present was Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah.

Dr Chua said DAP leaders, except for Karpal Singh, had been mum on their Pakatan ally’s move to ban gambling in Kelantan.

“This is proof that DAP has no influence over PAS,” he said before challenging PAS to extend the ban to Kedah.

On party matters, Dr Chua said his focus was on strengthening the party for the general election.

He said he had not given any thought as to whether he would contest a seat.

Dr Chua was asked to comment on a report quoting Simpang Pulai assemblyman Chan Ming Kai as saying there were 6,000 new voters in Gopeng and that Dr Chua was preparing to contest the Gopeng parliamentary seat in the next election.

Dr Chua said the party had recruited 50,000 new voters between April and December last year under a nationwide voter registration exercise, and it would recruit another 50,000 in the first six months of this year.

In another development, Dr Chua said the Government would only ban the import of certain second-hand vehicle spare parts, like steering equipment and brakes, for safety reasons.

The ban is expected to take effect in June.

“There is no blanket ban. I have discussed the matter with Inter­national Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed during the NEC (National Economic Council) meeting recently,” Dr Chua, also an NEC member, said.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tindakan PAS haramkan judi...MCA melenting

Minggu ni, diberitakan dalam suratkhabar....kerajaan PAS di Kelantan telah menyerbu 3 buah kedai buku yg menjual tiket tikam nombor ekor/loteri , merampas tiket2x tersebut dan mengenakan denda terhadap pemilik kedai tersebut.

MCA pula dalam suratkhabar telah cuba memainkan sentimen bahawa judi ni tak salah dikalangan orang bukan Islam....

Gitu la lebih kurang. Nak tau lebih lanjut...sila cari the star hari sabtu 5/3/2011

komen aku -
Bangang pemimpin MCA ni....cuba la ko tengok apa yg berlaku sebetulnya. Berapa ramai yg berhutang Along disebabkan judi? Pergi la ko tanya dengan ketua biro aduan awam MCA tu...Dato Micheal Chong tu.....berapa banyak kes kes utang along yg terpaksa dia tangani.

Situ je dah nampak...Judi ni tak baik untuk ekonomi. Haramkan aje. Banyak benda lain yang boleh dibuat untuk menjana pendapatan. Judi tak termasuk dalam kategori ni. Judi terkategori dalam perabihkan duit....

Bagi aku dalam kes ni...pemimpin MCA ni bangang...takde otak. Bodoh senang cakap....