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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jangan la takut salah!

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I'm not really shy or worry what others might perceive me when I am overseas or somewhere outside hometown.

There's a Japanese saying that goes "Fear not in embarrassing yourself while travelling, for no one knows you anyway."

Or at least I think it sounds like that,
Got it from Azumanga Daioh so can't really say my source is accurate.

Nonetheless the point that I am trying to make here is that I am not too worried in making mistakes or embarrass myself in front of strangers, after all they don't really know me nor would they remember soon after the incident.

Unless of course I do it in Youtube, but that's a whole other story.

Which is why I have little fear in public speaking,
I mean why worry that you make mistakes?
These are strangers after all and even if you do screw up people will eventually forget about it as life pass by. Trust me they have much more important things to remember. Chances are you might never see them again after this.

As in contrast to...

making mistakes amongst friends, it is much more painful with lasting effects.

Imagine you had a fight with a stranger, a big fight vocal fight with name calling, swearing and heated shouting. A few days later you might forget all about it, after all you don't have to face that "idiot" again after that.

You can always refer to the person as "that idiot" I bumped into on the road one lousy evening.

Now imagine if you had the exact same heated fight with a good friend, a bunch of good friends, family or someone who you personally know. You can't just brush it off that easily, eventually things would be okay with the apology and what not, but that awkward moment will still be there,l hanging in the air especially when the fight is still fresh in mind.

That weird handshake, fake smile and uncomfortable chair. Even the act of drinking or having a discussion in groups would seem very fake. There's that feeling of static air hanging around.

What more when you have to pretend, putting up a facade, that play you do which everything seems to be okay because you're too embarrass to admit that shit happens. Everything back to normal all smiley and giggly yet pissing off and swearing on the drive back home.

Isn't that worse?

Now being rejected by a girl you approached at a bar may hurt your ego a little.
But being rejected by the girl you spent much time together, the company that you enjoy very much over some mindless conversation with coffee is a whole different story.

When that confession didn't work out the way you hoped it would be.

You think that the next coffee conversation will be pleasant?
The thought of being at the same event together would seem weird after that.
Long gone are the things you cherish so much before this.

But hey then again,
To seek love one must be daring enough to take the risk. That's just the way it is.

Hence what is the fear of being rejected in an interview when you compare to the situation above.

why worry so much about embarassing yourself in front of strangers?
People who you don't really care so much about nor do they care much about you.
Just get up on that stage, do your best and just be yourself.
Give it your best shot and might as well do what you feel like doing.
I mean, think....
What have you got to lose anyway?

Life is simply to short to be worrying about what others might think.

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