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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Engineer | Project Manager

What is Project Engineer & What do they do?

Answer (copied from internet)
In simple terms, a Project Engineer usually works under the Project Manager. The PE is more involved with the technicalities of the project (such as materials, assigning tasks to workers, etc). The PM needs to be sure that the project is completed on schedule and within the budget and corresponds with the client. On smaller projects the PE and PM is the same person. In more simple terms, the Project Engineer is normally at the job site manging the workers, and the Project Manager is normally in the office managing the paper work.

corporate h.r. definition - Responsible for overseeing all engineering aspects of the firm's smaller to mid-size projects, or portions of larger projects. Usually involves the planning and scheduling of the work of engineers and their support personnel. Has a general to broad knowledge of many aspects of engineering. Also, involves the purchasing, start-up and construction of projects that are low to moderate in complexity. Project budget accountability.

In reality they assist a project manager with any/all aspects of design. The project manager is ultimately responsible for the quality of the work done by the project engineer.

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